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Calgary Private Investigators Offers the Following Private Investigator Services in Calgary Alberta and Area:

Covert Surveillance Of Suspected Cheating Spouse

Do you have that sinking feeling in your gut? The one that screams, “My significant other is seeing someone else!”

We know from experience that in most cases, your gut feeling will be correct.

The fact of the matter is: 30–60 percent of people cheat on their significant other.

Just because you don’t know for sure, does not mean it is not happening.

Contact us today for your free consultation. By employing technology and an advanced skill set, Calgary Private Investigators can empower you with the facts about your significant other.

Do You Feel That Your Business Partner Is Cheating You?

Maybe your business partner is suddenly exhibiting bizarre behaviour and cannot account for either small or large sums of money. Contact us right now for your free consultation. We will uncover the truth for you.

Fraudulent Insurance Claims And Workers’ Compensation Fraud

By employing GPS tracking technology, discreet HD cameras, and/or drone surveillance, we can expose insurance fraud in Calgary and area, as well as those people who would claim worker’s compensation and then commit fraud by working under the table.

Maybe An Employee Is Cheating You

Do you have an employee, two, three or four who you feel are committing corporate sabotage or possibly stealing from you? It’s your business, and you have worked hard to build it. Rid yourself of any additional stress and learn the facts about any suspected employee. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Criminal Defense And Litigation

Calgary Private Investigators has trained professionals ready to help you or a loved one prepare for a solid criminal defense or litigation. Don’t go it alone and leave your freedom or financial situation to chance. This is a mistake many have made and paid dearly for. Contact us today for your free consultation.

We Also Provide An Asset Location Service In Calgary Alberta

Many spouses, business partners and others will hide valuable assets. They do so in order to formulate a quick exit plan. Let our highly-trained private investigators in Calgary Alberta uncover the truth for you. They will employ a combination of advanced GPS location technology, hidden HD cameras, and covert HD camera surveillance.

If required our investigators in Calgary and area can call in air-support and harness the power of our premium drone surveillance service at no extra cost to you.

We Use Up-To-Date Technology And Methods

The technology and methods we can employ will be a combination of, but not limited to: advanced GPS location technology, hidden HD cameras, covert surveillance, and our premium drone surveillance service.

Stop Stressing And Let Us Get The Facts For You

Our discreet and professionally trained private investigators located in Calgary Alberta can be deployed within hours of your contacting us and get to the bottom of what is causing you to worry.

Many People, Over The Years Have Discovered The Following:

Peace Of Mind Allows You To Sleep Better And Sheds The Stress

Do You Require A Custom Private Investigator Service?

Do you require a service that is not listed? No problem, contact us immediately, you can text or call us, the number is at the top and bottom of this website. Mobile users can tap the phone number to place the call. You can also scroll down and send us a confidential email. We will make every effort to custom-tailor a private investigation service that fits your needs.


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