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We At Calgary Private Investigators Are Pleased To Offer You, At No Additional Charge, Our Premium Drone Surveillance Service

You read that right, we do not charge you extra for utilization of our premium drone surveillance service.

Here’s How Cheaters Think

We find that the majority of cheating spouses, truly believe they can conduct their affair in a rural area, sometimes behind a dumpster, building, or other large objects that provide cover.

The same goes for worker’s compensation claimants and insurance payees. These people are notoriously famous for using tall fences or remote locations to avoid detection.

Fact: They Can Run, But They Cannot Hide From Our Discreet And Silent Eye In The Sky

At Calgary Private Investigators, we can easily combine our premium drone surveillance service with our advanced GPS tracking technology to expose the truth for you.

So Go Ahead, Now Is The Time To Put Your Mind At Ease, Have A Better Night’s Sleep, And Rid Yourself Of That Unwanted Stress

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