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Over The Years, We Have Discovered There is One Thing That Remains Constant

You Know When You Have That Gut Feeling About Your Spouse?

It’s a terrible feeling that causes you to lose sleep and in some cases makes it difficult for you to focus.

Fact: In Most Cases, Your Gut Feeling is Correct

Let’s Quickly Go Over Some of The Signs That Reveal if Your Significant Other Has a New Hobby and/or Mysterious Friend:

Cell Phone Out Of Range

You suddenly notice your significant others cell phone is “out of range” or for some strange reason is being randomly turned off, and/or it takes forever for your significant other to reply to your texts.

A Lack Of Transparency

A true couple, allows each other to view credit card statements, cell phone bills, emails and text messages. When this ethical behaviour ceases, you have a problem.

Lack Of Praise

Words of praise and/or “I love you,” suddenly becomes a distant memory as your “other half” is now distracted.

The Shower

Your spouse arrives home, they make every effort to avoid contact with you and instead make a beeline for the shower.

You Are Suddenly Excluded

There once was time when you felt included, these days, you do not feel included in anything and you are also receiving looks that are short and lacking of passion.

Other Half Spends Time Elsewhere

It is becoming more and more obvious that your significant other would rather spend time somewhere else, and you are not being included. They say things like, “I need me time.” When you question them, “Don’t be silly, you are being insecure.”

Where Is My Significant Other?

An honest and loving partner will always ensure their significant other knows where they are at all times. When suddenly, this updating ceases and you have no idea where your significant other really is, you know you have a problem.

The Twist

When asked where they have been, many cheaters will attempt to twist everything around. Example: you ask your “significant other” where they have been for the last four hours. They answer with, “You are a control freak and insecure.” Don’t fall for this trick.

Locked Cellphones Etc…

You discover that what was once freely accessible, i.e. cell phones, tablets, and computers are suddenly locked down.

Texts And Phones

You realize that there is a steady stream of texts originating from an unknown source and you also discover an email address or secret cell phone.

If Your Significant Other Exhibits One Or More of the Above Signs, Contact Us Today For Your Free Consultation

Here’s The Facts Once Again About Relationship Cheaters

30–60 percent of people cheat when in a relationship. That’s an astonishing 3 to 6 people out of every 10.

Remember: If your gut screams, “My significant other is cheating.”

They Most Likely Are

Some Relationship Cheaters Hide the Signs Better Than Others

Some cheaters are efficient at hiding their signs of infidelity. Just because a sign is not listed, does not mean infidelity is not happening. Contact us today for your peace of mind and a free consultation.

Learn The Truth About What Your “Other Half” Is Up To. It’s Your Life And You Deserve To Know.


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