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Calgary Private Investigators has a proven track record exposing cheaters of all types. Our specialities include: cheating spouses, insurance fraudsters, white collar criminals and more.

The professional investigators at Calgary Private Investigators have served in the RCMP or elite Israeli Secret Service.

What this means for you, the client, is that you are hiring highly-trained investigators who are not only discreet, enthusiastic and innovative, they are also highly-skilled and they take the utmost pride in their craft.

Our private investigators in Calgary Alberta have spent many years, and invested a great deal of time and energy, building intelligence networks not only across Alberta, and coast-to-coast across Canada, but also in parts of the USA, and internationally.

A private investigator without an intelligence network cannot produce the same results as those who have the information at their fingertips.

Our Specialties Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Calgary Private InvestigatorsInfidelity – Relationship Cheaters

Do you suspect your significant other of seeing someone else? Let us discover the truth for you; you’ll sleep better at night. Click here now to discover the signs of infidelity. Some of them are not so obvious.

Locate a cheaterCheaters – White Collar

Do you have a gut feeling about a business partner or employee? We can use covert surveillance to uncover the truth for you. Click here now to learn more about our full range of private investigator services in Calgary Alberta and area.

We Also Conduct General And Insurance Investigations, And Can Reveal the Facts About Worker’s Compensation Claimants

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